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Knuckleball! Documentary Follows Pitchers Dickey and Wakefield

Knuckleball Pitch by Tim Wakefield

The documentary Knuckleball! follows the tricky pitch that moved the careers of Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey into baseball record books, joining legends Phil Niekro and Charlie Hough.

SP Hot Reads – Bells, Cuban and Cubano in the MLB

Car on streets of Cuba.

Today’s SP HOT Reads estan calientes! We look at Dan Epstein’s review of Cuban MLB players, Bobby Bell’s promise to his father and Mark Cuban’s take on NBA ownership. Grab your cup!

Joe Torre’s Safe at Home Foundation Serves Child Victims of Domestic Violence

Joe Torre, MLB Chief Baseball Officer. Photo by: Google Man.

Joe Torre was inducted into Cooperstown in 2014. His road to the HOF was much harder than most know. Joe’s father abused his mother Margaret for years. Now, with his new foundation, Torre supports children who are dealing with the same stress and pain he endured as a child.

SP Three HOT Reads – Bosh and LeBron in Brazil, Sit Bulldog

Russell Wilson is a sports reporter? Photo by Mike Morris.

  Fast Company. WILL THE FUTURE OF SPORTS REPORTING INCLUDE SPORTS REPORTERS? “Here’s how we look at it,” explains Dano. “We give the athletes a platform to express themselves, which means they have the liberty to discuss whatever topics they choose. It’s not our job to put up the velvet ropes and decide who gets […]

Farewell, Captain. Jeter Exits in Grand Yankees Style

Derek Jeter on deck. Photo credit: Snarlinmonsta.

The Captain leaves the game in grand style. A walk off hit single to end the game against the Orioles. His eternal love for the game shows as he is still excited when discussing the game-winning hit. Bernie Williams, Mo, Pettitte, and of course, Joe Torre waited for him as he celebrated his career in […]

Bryan Cranston’s Post Season Baseball Performance is Outta Here

Bryan Cranston brings baseball to the theatre, if only for one ad.

For the love of baseball! Bryan Cranston celebrates the game with an awesome one-man show/ad, acting out some of baseball’s most memorable moments. What better way to relive the history of America’s past time? He brings in Captain Derek Jeter’s 2001 flip. Then there was magic in 1975 by Carlton Fisk and Kirk Gibson’s single […]