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Interview with John Stephenson, President and CEO of the College Hall of Fame

President and CEO John Stephenson demonstrates the interactive experience at the new Hall of Fame.

    The College Hall of Fame  has a new home in Atlanta, GA! Finally, the marvel of a building is open to the public.  Sideline Pass founder Mia Jackson interviewed John Stephenson, President and CEO to hear more about what the new attraction means to college football and the city of Atlanta. Visitors who […]

Understanding Sports Scholarships

Understanding Sports Scholarships

LaJuan Steels, Financial Aid Administrator at Cal State Northridge shared very important information for families who are applying for financial aid or reviewing scholarship offers.

The Arkitekt’s Perspective

LeBron James, Forward, Miami Heat

Is there a “clutch” gene? Or is coming through at the end of a game a skill that you learn? Nelly Semela compares LeBron to Tim Tebow to find out.

Biscuits & Gravy: Styling Redskins’ Carlos Rogers


Every now and then you get to have a lot of fun at work! This was an awesome time as we got to shop for and dress the fabulous Washington Redskins Cornerback Carlos Rogers. Seeing one of ‘Keshi’s Cuties up close and personal was a treat. Gina Washington and Alice Ntam made it all happen […]

Charlotte Jones Anderson

Charlotte Jones Anderson

Scoring Big in the NFL After speaking with Charlotte Jones Anderson for just a few seconds it’s clear – the woman is about the business of winning. Not only does this apply to football, but also across the wide world of professional sports. She applies that same passion to managing charitable efforts, making certain that […]

SP Interviews James Brown

Sideline Pass talks football with James Brown, host of CBS’s The NFL Today.