Pats Fan Patricia Shong’s Obit Claims Her QB Brady’s Innocence

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“Patricia Shong wanted the world to know that her beloved QB Tom Brady is innocent. She died knowing they won and believed they deserve the trophy.”  Patricia M. (Kelly) Shong Obituary, Auburn Mass Daily, May 21, 2015



Super Patriots fans like David Montgomery won’t hear of Brady’s guilt.

Patriots fan Patricia Shong went to her grave believing steadfastly in quarterback Tom Brady’s innocence. Commissioner Roger Goodell and investigator Ted Wells had best jump back and change the report.  There’s very little one can do to convince a lifelong fan to lose faith in a beloved team.

Since her obituary appeared in the Auburn Mass Daily, news stations and media outlets around the globe have published her last wishes according to her family. The obit also states that Shong had a weekly card game with friends for years. Guaranteed, most of them backed their team through Spy-gate all the way to Deflate-gate. You can imagine the spirited conversations at that table, with Mrs. Patricia leading with her ace: that Tom Brady is golden.

LINK: Obituary of Patricia M. (Kenny) Shong

Patriots fans have kissed the rings and bought all the way in. There are no mediocre Pats lovers. Two hundred pages of evidence? So what! Patricia Shong lived to see her team hoist yet another Lombardi trophy into the air.

Raiders, take note. Raider Nation is leaving space in their obits just to proclaim your innocence in a Super Bowl victory.





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