Pro HOF’er Mike Haynes Sheds Light on Prostate Cancer

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Recently, Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Haynes joined Sideline Pass to discuss his personal journey with prostate cancer. Football fans from east to west claim Haynes as their own. Drafted #1 by the New England Patriots, he began with a sensational rookie season and continued to dominate the league as member of the Los Angeles Raiders. Dr. Benjamin Lowentritt, Director of the Prostate Cancer Program at Chesapeake Urology Associates joined us to address the medical specifics, which are quite alarming.

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Haynes is on a mission to educate men on the factors that make them more susceptible to the disease. Approximately ten years ago, Haynes participated in an NFL Player Care and Urology Care Foundation screening. The test would ultimately save his life. He shared his test results with his personal physician. Until the random screening, Haynes was unaware that prostate cancer ran in his family – one of the biggest risk factors. Luckily, he was diagnosed early enough to respond to treatment. Today, Haynes works with the NFL to encourage as many men as possible to get tested BEFORE they are hit with symptoms.

Facts About Prostate Cancer 

Men, take note of the risks and concerns around prostate cancer. Women, schedule the appointment if necessary because the statistics are sobering:

• More than 230,000 men will be told they have prostate cancer this year. It is the 2nd most common cancer in men in the US.

• About 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed in his lifetime.

• Prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in men.

The numbers are even more staggering for African-American men:

• African-American men are also twice as likely to be diagnosed with more deadly forms of the disease.

• About 1 in 5 African-American men will be diagnosed in his lifetime.

• If a father, brother or other close relative was diagnosed with prostate cancer, men have a higher chance of being diagnosed. This is especially true if two or more close relatives have been diagnosed, or if they were diagnosed before age 55.

Again, please visit the website for more information. If you fit the description, make your appointment today.

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