WWE’s Roman Reigns – The 1st SP Wrestling Cutie!

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SP was excited to interview the WWE Star Roman Reigns as he prepped for Wrestlemania 31. However, it became increasingly difficult to do the research because every five seconds we were stopping to ask, “did you SEE this MAN?!” He is certainly an SP Cutie. Reigns, whose given name is Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi, is half-Samoan, half-Italian and fully FINE.

Roman Reigns is beautiful wrestling phenom.

@2014 Megan Elice Meadowns. WWE’s Roman Reigns.

Do you see how GORGEOUS he is?

His incredible photos made the research feel like a party and much less like a task. Roman’s massive build is quite chiseled, almost sculpted. Those muscular arms are simply glistening and look like perfection. They lead smack dab to that powerful chest that’s filled with pride.  Speaking of pride, what about that long hair extending and flowing like a lion’s mane.

Then, take a look at those eyes! It’s as if Roman’s peering right into your soul, like he’s paying attention and hanging on your every word. He adds to that a smile that takes over the room.

Click here for SP Roman Reigns Interview

As if his looks weren’t enough, the WWE winner’s got the smoothest voice. As an old friend would say, channeling the old sassy women on our Louisiana porch, “that man is so smooth he could melt butter in his mouth.” He was polite and gracious, friendly and respectful which is of course counter to his inside-the-ring persona of a certified badass.

Roman Reigns Got That Body as a DT at Georgia Tech

WWE's Roman Reigns in You're Not You When You're Hungry Campaign.

Roman Reigns in his hilarious Snickers™ ad.

His legs and body carries the benefits of his years of football training and preparation. The Georgia Tech standout had an incredible college career. Although he was undrafted, he gave an NFL career a shot with the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

After his chance to test out the pro football waters, Reigns felt the undeniable pull toward wrestling, the family sport for generations. As part of his heritage, he would move to the ring continuing the legacy of his father and uncle, WWE Hall of Fame team “The Wild Samoans.”

Reigns turns 30 in a couple of months and will celebrate with his young family. (Sorry ladies, this one is taken.) But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the view. Tweet your love the sexy wrestler cutie during Sunday’s Wrestlemania 31.

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