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Game Ready Mom — By on August 28, 2013 at 10:46 AM
Author Sharisse Kimbro is a featured blogger for Game Ready Mom.

Author Sharisse Kimbro is a featured blogger for Game Ready Mom.

As I sat on the sidelines at a pre-season scrimmage entering my third youth football season (reluctantly adding my youngest son to the family football roster this year), I realized that there are really three basic things you do with a football in a game: pass it, run with it, or kick it. Now I fully admit to be speaking as a gridiron neophyte, but that’s the way it seems to me.

Either the quarterback hands off the ball and someone runs with it to try and make a first down; or he throws the ball to a receiver way down the field to try and make a big play; or if your team is unable to make a first down, can’t get into the end zone, then you punt the ball, and the other team takes a turn.

As I started to think more about this, I realized that this was not only true about football, but about life in general.  In the game of life, in order to accomplish our goals, in order to realize our purpose, there are three things we can do: run, pass or kick.

Sometimes, when we have a goal we are working towards, or a dream to fulfill, it is our responsibility to run with it ourselves. This means we are the ones to complete the task, do the work, stiff-arm the competition in order to reach our goal. Then, there are other times, when we’ve run all we can, we’ve dodged offenders, and still we can only get so far. It is in these moments that we must enlist the assistance of others in order for us to reach the end zone.  We have gone some of the way down the field towards our dreams, have done good work, but there is a part that must be passed off to someone trusted, willing, and standing at the ready to help us reach our goal.

Then, there are times that we have run, we have passed, but it just isn’t working out, or isn’t happening in the right way. It is in these moments that we simply punt. We move to the sidelines and give the other team a turn. Punting can feel like a defeat, it can feel like failure, but when we punt, and move to the sidelines, we have time to pause and evaluate our offense, give ourselves a break and steady ourselves to try again. Punting may feel like an ending, but really, it is a fresh start, a new beginning.

"We have to know when it’s time for us to run with our vision..."

“We have to know when it’s time for us to run with our vision…”

How teams win football games, I’ve discovered, is by knowing the right time to do which of the three above-referenced things: when to run, when to pass and when to punt. So it is with life. We have to know when it’s time for us to run with our vision, when it’s time to pass the ball to others in order for our dreams to come true and when it’s just time to punt the ball to refresh our vision and begin again. Sometimes we want to punt too soon.  We just feel like giving up. Then there are times when we have been running a long time and we are tired, but it’s not time to pass just yet.  Or we are too willing to pass the ball to someone else instead of taking the risk ourselves.

But, with time, and with practice, as we continue to play the game of life, as we press on towards our destiny, we learn something with each play, we take away a lesson that we will apply the next time we get the ball. And, there’s always a next time, another play, another chance to get those six points, to go for the extra point, to realize our potential and reach our dreams. We just have to know when to pass. When to run. And when to kick the ball and start again.

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