Sideline Pass- NFL Play 60 with Josh Cribbs at Albion Junior High

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Sideline Pass- NFL Play 60 with Josh Cribbs at Albion Junior High, Strongsville, Oh.
By Jenever Utsey
September 22, 2009


Josh Cribbs at Albion Junior High, Strongsville, Oh.

NFL Play 60 encourages today’s youth to move for 60 minutes each day. This campaign impacts health and fitness, creating excitement for youth in a very big way. The American Heart Association recruited Josh Cribbs, Wide Receiver for the Cleveland Browns to host the event at Albion Junior High School in Strongsville, Ohio. The focus of Play 60 is to instill a long-standing commitment to health and fitness for children all over the United States.

Sideline Pass was there observing the action as students and staff took to the field in what would turn out to be a contest to the finish. The fun could be heard from one end of the field to the other as students competed for huge prizes and the Albion teaching staff for pride. Josh Cribbs closely monitored the athletes as they dashed up and down the field in “Combine” fashion. However, in the end age trumped experience as students walked away with first place. That standing netted students such trophies as Browns tickets, Josh Cribbs autographed tee shirts, and iPods.

Josh’s commitment to Play 60 is indicative of his commitment to the Browns as well. When asked why he chose the Browns Cribbs stated,” The Browns showed by far the most interest in me. I played right down the street at Kent State and they watched me for four years.” When asked about his feelings relative to the wildcat offense Cribbs answered, “The wildcat offense is a benefit because the more a team has to prepare for your offense the more mistakes they will make.”


Remember Browns fan Jessica Blake? Sideline Pass made it possible for Jessica to meet her favorite player. That deserves a WOOF!

Sideline Pass supporter Jessica Blake met Josh Cribbs, her favorite player for the Browns. Jessica followed Josh’s career since his time as a Kent State, Golden Flash and feels strongly that he is the player to watch this season for the Browns. Jessica asked Cribbs a question about the recent rule change concerning wedge numbers on kick returns to which Cribbs replied,” I thrived on using the “wedge” I don’t agree with the change and I don’t fully understand why they made it.”

On a final note, Josh gave Jessica a fashion nod on her choice of the Browns’ jersey she wore during the Sideline Pass interview, FANTASTIC!

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  1. WOW! This is truly awesome! Jessica is a lucky lady, and Cribbs is alright in my book. Too bad he won’t be in Cleveland past 2009.


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