Soccer Star Julie Foudy Says Drink the Gatorade

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Auburn University’s Sports Dietician Scott Sehnert Says the Right Carbs are Cool

Recently, soccer legend and ESPN Soccer Analyst Julie Foudy and her co-hort Auburn University Sports Dietician Scott Sehnert joined Sideline Pass for a quick discussion about the importance of healthy carbs in a balanced diet for young active athletes. Both are concerned about the recent push to eliminate carbs from diets as more and more people are worried about high sugar content. Sports drinks like Gatorade™ and other healthy foods help to replenish the body’s energy resources. It’s unnecessary they say and it’s time to make carbs cool again.

 Don’t Be Afraid of Healthy Sugar

Parents and coaches may be ushering their children away from healthy carb sources for fear of the student athletes taking in too much sugar. Scott says that carbs are necessary to maintaining high performance during games and practice. With a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences with a wellness and sports nutrition emphasis from the University of Kentucky, it’s safe to say Sehnert understands the science. Just as importantly, he has years of direct experience with top student athletes at Auburn and, prior to that, Michigan State, both home to world class collegiate competitors. As Auburn’s sports nutrition expert, he overseas the complete nutritional regimen of athletes in 21 sports. The Tigers use Sehnert’s structured food program to continue to excel on the national stage.

Julie Foudy Prepares the Next Generation of Successful Athletes

During our conversation, Julie talked about the energy required to be a world class athlete, a professional or a busy mother.  To remain effective and competitive during that 75th minute of practice or game time, the body needs to be able to pull from its energy source, says the two-time Olympic gold medalist (1996 and 2004) and Stanford University standout. Nourishing the body with sports drinks Gatorade or other healthy carbs during long workouts is critical to optimal performance.

Julie, also a two-time FIFA World Cup winner (1991 and 1999), blazed a trail for young female athletes. She and her teammates on the U.S. Women’s National Team proved to the country that a female sports team could enrapture and thrill us like any other. Currently, her camps and the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy are preparing today’s youth to be the next generation of spectacular performers.

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  1. I just signed up at a new gym and it included an eating plan — healthy carbs are one of the things they mentioned to KEEP in despite the push out there to eliminate them completely. I was thankful that this plan is very well-balanced, not some crazy over the top diet that I could follow for just a few weeks, but one that I could truly follow for life if I so choose.

  2. SidelinePass1 says:

    Agree, Sophi. Any diet that calls for the complete elimination of a food group can’t be good for you nor can it be sustained in the long run. Good luck with the new gym program.

  3. debbielq says:

    As a runner I have always followed a diet filled with healthy carbs. I’m glad that Julie is trying to make sure that young athletes understand that they need a balanced diet, though there seems to be a little too much emphasis on gatorade. There are many methods to fuel yourself for long workouts and Gatorade is just one of many sports drinks available.

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