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Enjoy these Three HOT Reads plus some video for you today. There’s the story of how 74-year-old NFL HOF’er Bobby Bell honors his promise to his father. Take a look at Cuban baseball stars throughout the year and listen to Mark Cuban discuss his ownership of the NBA Mavs.


NYTimes.  A Champion at 20. A Graduate at 74. Bobby Bell, a Former Football Star, Earns a College Degree and Honors His Father

Bobby Bell promised his father that he would live up to the personal standards they set for themselves, not the limited options given them by unfair Jim Crow laws in his home Shelby, NC. Bell would go on to showcase his talent in college for the Minnesota Gophers and later for the startup NFL’ s Kansas City Chiefs. His stellar play earned him entry into both Halls of Fame and too many accolades to mention. In his 70’s, though, there was still something gnawing at him, some unfinished business if you will. Using that same determination and drive that took him out of Shelby and onto an integrated college team, he returned to Minnesota to complete his studies and honor the memory of his father.


Business Insider. Mark Cuban: This Is My Most Successful Investment Ever

This week, the Mavericks finally lured a star to join Dirk in Dallas. Rumor had it that owner Mark Cuban closed the deal from the green room of a major TV talk show. It’s certainly believable. When Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks for $280 million in 2000, people called him crazy. In January of this year, Forbes valued the NBA team at $765 million. Actually, when it comes to team ownership, it really isn’t all about the money. The extremely exclusive club that is professional team ownership adds cache and pride in a manner that few other investments can provide. Listen to what Cuban says about life after winning the championship.

Rafael Palmeiro, Cuban MLB player. Photo Credit: Jeff Nyveen.

Rafael Palmeiro, Cuban MLB player. Photo Credit: Jeff Nyveen.

Rolling Stone. The 10 Greatest Cuban Major Leaguers

Last November, Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was reunited with his Cuban grandmother. It was a surpass and brought many fans to tears. The strained relations between the two countries continued to keep many players separated from their families. President Barack Obama’s recent declaration regarding a new relationship with Cuba may have an immediate impact on MLB. Dan Epstein, a friend of Sideline Pass, wrote this feature for Rolling Stone reminding fans of the exciting Cuban players who have starred in US baseball. Many of the names are immediately familiar, like Palmero and Conseco. Others may be new to young fans. They’re all incredible stories.

XTRA HOT!  Dan Epstein on Game Changers Live

Dan joined Mia and the GCL crew for an in-depth discussion about all things 70’s baseball and his then-new book.

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