“Wasn’t Me.” – Belichick, Brady and the Eddie Murphy Defense

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Deflate-gate has overshadowed the exciting sports stories and those tearjerking, never-thought-I’d-be-here features we’ve grown accustomed to during days leading up to the Super Bowl. No one knows any more than the sports world knew when the Indianapolis Colts reported the potential rules violation following the AFC Championship game. Just the plain, simple fact that 11 of the 12 Patriots balls weren’t sufficiently inflated. Did it impact the outcome? Doubtful. Who did it? The Pats B&B both say, “wasn’t me.”

The Patriots continued their unprecedented playoff success with a total win over Andrew Luck’s Indianapolis Colts. The game ended with Brady v. Wilson images flooding the web until the news broke about those balls. The hype should have continued with LOB stories and bets on Richard Sherman’s elbow or Earl Thomas’ shoulder (or Russell Wilson’s hair. That’s another post.) Football fans already entrenched in the Patriots-are-Cheaters camp added the recent story to their slate of evidence, some real, but a mostly manufactured mountain of tales. Raider fans simply said, “That’s what they get. Humph,” and went back to preparing for their next NFL draft ritual of anticipation and regret.

But the diehard believers, the New Englanders trapped by snow and ice – the Patriot lovers – sit in front of their screens watching their quarterback and coach take turns denying any involvement in the scandal. They listen, and just like in Eddie Murphy’s hilarious Raw routine about the cheating man, they buy the explanation and respond accordingly, “Maybe it wasn’t you.”

It stands to reason, though. The Patriots have been so good to them for almost fifteen years. Fans who remember the lean years are even more inclined to put their full faith and confidence in Coach Belichick, who has engineered over a decade of dominance.

It’s been SO good for Pats faithful like David Montgomery, pictured above in his Pats Cave!

Stats for the Pats under Bill Belichick:

  • 3 Super Bowl Wins
  • 21-9 Postseason Record
  • 6 AFC Championships
  • 12 AFC East Titles

The Belichick/Brady tandem has treated its fans, and the league as a whole, to some of the most exciting seasons in the game’s history. In his press conference, an agitated Coach Belichick tells us all that he’s not a scientist and he’s not even playing one. It’s easy to believe one of his facts though, he’d rather be focused on a strategy against the surging Seahawks than measuring balls. Surely, the Coach understands that once the team was caught playing fast and loose with the rules, the stigma sticks for most folks. Even if it didn’t matter or change the outcome, it’s the thought that counts for many football fans – just not for the Patriots fans who can’t let go of that good, championship feeling.

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