Why Sideline Pass?

There are two kinds of Sideline Passes: the actual football play (requiring accuracy and agility) and the special badge that grants the rare privilege (access) to individuals during the game. The site wants to bring features of both to you.

There is limited space along the sideline. When a quarterback lines up midfield behind Center, rolls out and launches the ball along the white stripe running down the side of the field, great things can happen. A savvy wide receiver always knows where that line is, often staying within a fraction of an inch inside, just to keep a drive alive – or perhaps score and win the game. Exciting things can happen. That’s exactly what we want to offer visitors (and fan architects of the site.)

A Sideline Pass is that special access granted to individuals selected by the team officials. The view from downfield must be spectacular. We can’t all fit there, but we can get to the players, coaches and personnel as often as possible so that they can give us a keen look into all facets of the game.

What Sideline Pass strives to offer all readers and contributors to the website:

Accuracy: We’ll check our facts and figures. We may not always get it right, so tell us if you see something that need editing.

Agility: While we have a solid game plan, we’ll move accordingly with flow of the fans – just like a team adjusts its schemes to fit the flow of the game. We can’t change to fit every request but we can review, discuss and evaluate as we grow.

Access: We will work as hard as we can to get direct information and material from those closest to the game – the players, the coaches, and personnel.

This is a collaborative process. The site doesn’t work without the audible voice of the female fan, telling us why she loves the game. We don’t discriminate. If you’re a new fan who joined us because you liked the colors on a uniform, there’s a place for you along the sideline. If you’re a seasoned, knowledgeable fan who can rattle of stats, dates and positions, there’s a place for you along the sideline – especially as an example to the newbies. We only ask that respect your football sisters and share your fanhood.