Wisconsin Basketball Players Sing at Annual Banquet

Morning Coffee — By on May 6, 2015 at 2:54 PM

Sports + Music by the Wisconsin basketball players makes the morning brighter … especially when the athletes can really sing. Recently, the University of Wisconsin held its annual athletic banquet and celebration called The Buckinghams. Four members of the 2015 Final Four basketball team performed “It’s a Shame” a classic Spinners tune released in 1970 which may be as old as their parents.

In spectacular fashion, Vitto Brown took the mike as the lead singer of the Badger quartet. Nigel Hayes, Riley Dearring and Jordan Hill backed him up, moving along in sync and throwing in some harmony. These fellas looked awesome in their tuxes as they moved and grooved. The crowned swooned and were under the spell of the foursome. The crowd was delighted and now they’re making everyone groove all over YouTube.

Clearly, Brown and his teammates have been listening to their parents’ 45s or old cassettes (or grandparents.) Fans would love to know how they chose this particular song but no matter – it works. Their smooth moves on the basketball court translated easily to stage. Congrats, guys!


  1. megancm says:

    Could these kids be any more appealing? I can’t see how. Syzygy.

  2. Mia Jackson says:

    No – they couldn’t. They’re fabulous.

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